The Meaning of Christmas December 08 2013

I am full fledged believer on presents being overrated during Christmas. Let’s get this straight.. Christmas is about the birth, the unconditional love, family presence and also the available overlooked well deserved rest. Two years ago, Christmas was one I’ll never forget. After my school's finals, the Fuller family headed west to the beautiful state of Wyoming. Back to where I learned how to ride a bike, where I made my first friend, where I found Christ, and back to where I made the memories I’ll never forget. We stayed at my grandmas house which was right across the street from my home I lived in for 15 years. Take a second and think about what your grandmas house looks like… tons of infomercial merchandise, too many clothes never worn, jars upon jars of jelly, old fashion furniture and photos that embarrass you greatly. Well that’s what it was for me. This was my Christmas 2011. We didn’t decorate, we didn't put up Christmas lights or a tree, just the 6 of us together in a house full of memories. It was very weird, but an great experience to say the least. On Christmas day, my sister thought of a funny yet very creative idea. She proposed to play secret Santa with the rules only allowing my family to shop inside my grandmas house. We picked names from a hat and quickly started opening drawers and cupboards. Searching in this house full of really funny things my grandma collected was a blast. From awkward pictures of her old puddle to boxes of Franzia wine dating back to 1998 this house had it all. About an hour later after gift wrapping our treasures, we opened up the presents that had our names written on them. At this moment, massive amounts of laughter and tears filled the living room while opening these gifts. It was then that I realized what Christmas is about. Christmas is about Jesus and enjoying laughter and good times with the ones you love. I can guarantee that my Grandma and Grandpa were looking over us in heaven with the same smiles my family shared that day. The spirit was there and it was feeling I’ll never forget. Take this story and apply it to your life. There is plenty of time left to share with your family. Take advantage of every second.

God Bless,


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